Tasi LLC is a SBA Certified 8(a) Participant and CVE

Verified SDVOSB. Tasi has the unique capability to

harness the vast ocean of the latest cutting edge

technologies and services to develop innovative,

quality, scalable, turnkey, and sustainable solutions

to meet the specific needs of our customers.

More than a 2,000 years ago, a group of highly skilled

Chamoru seafarers braved uncharted waters of the TÅSI,

Chamoru word for "Ocean", and discovered the Marianas

Islands for which they made their new home. The TÅSI is

important to the culture and way of life for the Chamoru

people as transportation medium for the Flying Proa, a sleek

ocean Chamoru canoe, for travel between islands, a bountiful

source of a wide variety of seafood, and an important source

for rain that provided fresh water for the people and the rich


Louis N. Leon-Guerrero, President of TÅSI, grew up on the

beaches and reefs of Agat, Guam. As a boy, his elders taught

him and his brothers that the TÅSI must be respected and in

return, the TÅSI will provide what you need. I remember as

a little boy my brothers and I foolishly tested the TÅSI by

yelling very loudly a dare to send a big wave to knock us off

of our canoe. Well the TÅSI responded to our request and

sent a big wave that knocked us off of our canoe, I was tossed

into the TÅSI and hit my head on a rock. Dazed and bleeding

from the head, we all climbed back into our canoe and quickly

went back to shore with a renewed respect for the TÅSI.

After graduating from George Washington Senior High

School on Guam, Louis joined the U.S. Air Force in 1981

and left his island home to begin his new military career. After

basic training in San Antonio Texas, Louis was transferred to

the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois where he

attended the Navy Basic Electricity and Electronics School and

the Electronics Technician "A" School . While serving in the

Air Force, Louis had the opportunity of working globally in

Joint and Combined Operations with sister services and ally

countries that furthered his core values understanding of

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity,

Personal Courage, and Excellence In All That You Do.

Louis is a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm and several

Joint and Combined Operations globally. Today, Louis has

applied his elder's teachings and military experience to TÅSI's

core values.  TÅSI provides quality products and services to

our valued customers to support their mission, gaining their

respect and trust.



Owner and President

Tasi, LLC

Jan 2007 – Present


Federal Certifications:

SBA Certified 8(a) Participant



SBA approved Tasi NMR Class Waiver application to sole source federal lighting retrofit/upgrade projects up to $7.5M.


Navy Advanced Electronics School - Graduated top 10% of class, advanced electronic theory and circuitry, advanced electronic-communications theory, advanced troubleshooting and repair theory and skills, advanced electronic maintenance theory and skills.


Navy Basic Electricity and Electronics School - Basic electricity and electronics theory, basic circuit theory, basic electronic component theory, basic troubleshooting and repair theory and skills.


Unit Readiness Branch Chief

612th Air Communications Squadron, 12th Air Force

Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona

2004 – 2006


Systems Engineering and Integration Superintendent

612th Air Communications Squadron, 12th Air Force

Davis-Monthan AFB, Tuson, Arizona

2000 – 2004


Special Operations Communications Planner

353rd Operations Support Squadron, 353 Special Operations Group

Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

1997 – 2000


Contingency Communications Maintenance Superintendent

353rd Special Operations Support Squadron, 353 Special Operations Group

Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

1993 – 1997


Communications Maintenance Supervisor

18th Communications Squadron

Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

1991 – 1993


Communications Maintainer and Team Chief

728th Tactical Control Squadron,

Duke Field, Eglin AFB, Ft Walton Beach, Florida

1989 – 1991


Communications Maintenance Control Superintendent

604th Direct Air Support Squadron, 5th Tactical Air Command

Camp Red Cloud, Uijongbu, South Korea

1988 – 1989


Communications Maintainer

81st Tactical Control Flight, 628th Air Control Squadron

Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

1984 – 1988


Apprentice Communications Maintainer

1965th Communications Squadron

Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California

1982 – 1984


Air Force Communications Trainee

Advanced Electronics School, US Navy

Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois



Air Force Communications Trainee

Basic Electricity & Electronics School, US Navy

Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois



Air Force Basic Trainee

Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas